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A Christian Faith Community

‘Corpus Christi’ comes from the ancient Latin language and means ‘Body of Christ’.

Right there in our name is our challenge: to strive to be a community of Christ’s presence and action here and now in our world.

Corpus Christi Cranebrook is a Christian faith community in the Catholic tradition of worship, sacraments, understanding and teaching. There are, however, quite a number of people who regularly worship at Corpus Christi, who are not Catholic. We hope Corpus Christi can be a place where people of a variety of spiritual backgrounds can feel at home, as well as people who are trying once again, to connect to a faith community.

Corpus Christi Parish Mission Statement

We, the people of Corpus Christi, seek to grow in living a Christ-centred mission, sharing our gifts to foster welcome, justice and community in today's world.

Parish Website

Visit our website for Corpus Christi Parish news and Mass times.


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