Creative Arts

Creative and Practical Arts develop creative skills and talents that promote personal expression and confidence in students.

At Corpus Christi, Creative and Practical Arts is divided into four main areas.

Visual Arts Music Drama Dance
Making Performing Making Performing
Appreciating Organising Sound Performing Composing
  Listening Appreciating Appreciating

Visual arts, music, drama and dance all develop creative skills and talents that promote personal expression, enjoyment, creative action, imagination, emotional response, aesthetic pleasure, and the creation of shared meanings.

Students interpret certain aspects of the world in their works, in novel, innovative and creative ways. Corpus Christi is fortunate to have specialist Creative Arts teachers to cater to these individual needs of students from K-6.

The teaching of Creative Arts also provides students with opportunities to explore social and cultural values. Corpus Christi provides students with a wide range of opportunities for students to understand our distinctive Australian culture, while also fostering awareness and appreciation of other cultural traditions.

New technologies also offer unprecedented ways for students and other audiences and viewers to interact with works. Students investigate how a wide range of technologies are suited to their artistic intentions.

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