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  2018 Term 4 Week 9 Newsletter

Religious education, Sporting news, General information


  2018 Term 4 Week 8 Newsletter

Religious education news, Staffing news, Student awards, Sports news, Important reminders

  2018 Term 4 Week 7 Newsletter

Religious Education News, Staffing for 2019, Student SRC for 2019, Student Banking News, School Fees, Sports News, Final Uniform Orders and Delivery for 2018, Executive Directors Reading Challenge 2019

  2018 Term 4 Week 6 Newsletter

Principals message, Car park reminders, Staffing for 2019, Religious education news, Awards, Sports news

  2018 Term 4 Week 5 Newsletter

Religious Education News, End of Year - Important Dates, Kindergarten 2019 Orientation, Sports News, Last Day for Award Stamping, Corpus Christi Parish Family Christmas Gingerbread Event

  2018 Term 4 Week 4 Newsletter

Principal's Message, Staffing for 2019, Religious Education News, Attendance, Car Park Reminders, School Photos, Premier Reading Challenge, Sports News

  2018 Term 4 Week 3 Newsletter

Religious Education News - Remembrance Day, End of Year - Important Dates, Kindergarten 2019 Transition Dates, Year 1 Russ The Buss & Rebecca McRitchie Visit Year 1, Moving Schools or Leaving Corpus Christi, Student Arrival & Dismissal, Sports News - Upcoming Sporting Events, Spring Fair

  2018 Term 4 Week 2 Newsletter

Principal's Message: The 4C's, Spring Fair, Open School - next Tuesday, Parent Survey, Religious Education News, Student Awards, ICAS Mathematics, Corpus Christi Chess Teams 2018, Sports News, Kindergarten 2019 Transition Program, Corpus Christi Spring Market

  2018 Term 4 Week 1 Newsletter

Principal's Message, Staff News, Religious Education News, Kindergarten 2019 Important Dates, Sports News, Book Club Reminder, School Photos, PRG Spring Market, Oz Fashions Uniform Shop

  2018 Term 3 Week 10 Newsletter

Principal's Message, 4C's Update, Staff Development Day, Kindergarten 2019 Information Night, Religious Education News, Student Awards, Travel-A-Thon Update, ICAS English Awards, Faith In Action at CC, School Photos, Dance Fever Interschool Challenge, Sports News, Yr 1 Excursion, PRG Spring Market