Our latest PRG Meeting

Last Monday night was our PRG meeting. Both parents and staff attended the evening.  Guest speaker Dr Kate Highfield gave a high quality, energetic presentation on apps for learning. There was some audience participation and many questions were answered by Dr Highfield.

For those that missed out some of the tips included:

  • One hour off before bedtime – all technology off and never charge devices in bedrooms
  • Posture – try lying on the floor while using the iPad – good to stretch the neck the other way. As we work in close proximity to the device it is recommended to use them at ’20, 20, 20’. Every 20 minutes look at something 20m away for 20 seconds.
  • After 5 years of age - 2 hours screen time per day for recreation is recommended, this does not include for educational purposes

The best app for children are the ones they encourage higher order thinking skills like creating

APPS worth looking at…

  • Chatty pics – Brings pictures to life
  • Busy shapes – great for toddlers
  • The Pyramids – takes you on a tour of the great Egyptian Pyramids
  • Universal place – takes an in depth look at the universe everything from the milky way to the nucleolus of a cell
  • My story – a story creating app
  • Show me – allows images and videos to be taken and notes made over the top
  • Strip designer/comic life – comic strip creator