Grounds for Learning

The innovative Grounds for Learning program is providing excellent opportunities for students with additional needs by helping them get ready for the world of work. 

Teacher Andrew Hickey and Workplace Trainer Carolyn Collyer help students develop communication, literacy and numeracy skills, and of course the art of making a tasty coffee.
Grounds for Learning

The course is founded on developing skill sets to better prepare students for life post school: both industry based entry level skills and skills for independent living. 

Imbedded in the course are skills from the Foundation Skills Training package – numeracy; reading; communication; and using digital technology. Under the subjects of “Hospitality” and “Work in the Community”, students attend the course one day a week throughout Stage 6.   

“One of the underlying themes is understanding the importance of consistency and uniformity in the workplace: making sure that products and service delivery are of the same standards each day in the cafe,” said Andrew, specialist teacher post-school options.

Reinforcing concepts taught in the course with relevant supported work experience opportunities for the students is another innovative aspect of the program, as students are able to put into place in industry what they are learning in the group.

Carolyn said, “the Grounds for Learning program is a wonderful opportunity for students to develop confidence and learn a little of what will be expected of them when they enter the world of work.”

After successful work experience programs, some students have been asked by work sites to apply for positions in their organisations. 

While we celebrate the successes of individual students, the aim of the program is not about finding paid employment, but rather about enhancing future opportunities of each person through the development of employability skills and skills for independent living.
Posted By Patrick Whiteley at 23/05/2017 9:17:26 AM