Policies & Procedures

Corpus Christi has a number of school-based policies and procedures that govern various aspects of our School life.

These provide the framework within which we operate. If you have any questions in relation to policies or other general enquiries please contact the school by email or phone on (02) 4726 2200 weekdays between 8:30am and 3:30pm.

School Based Policies

  Assessment and Reporting
At Corpus Christi we believe that assessment and reporting is an essential part of the teaching and learning process.

  Communication with Parents
Communication between people in organisations is essential to the proper functioning of all aspects of school life.

Students, parents ad teachers have complimentary roles with regard to homework. This policy outlines our beliefs concerning homework.

  Pastoral Care and Student Management
Our purpose as a Catholic Primary School in the Cranebrook community is to provide a learning environment where all members feel welcomed, cared for and supported. In this way we will communicate the message of God’s love for all people through our actions and example.

  Skin Care
As Australia is a country with a high rate of skin cancer, it is important to educate the children about the effects of the sun and promote habits to avoid skin damage.

  Uniform Policy
The wearing of our school uniform plays an important role in instilling pride in the children and maintaining our school identity and spirit. This Uniform Policy clearly states our school expectations for parents and encourages students to consistently wear the correct uniform.


System Policies

  Complaint Handling Policy

This policy supports responding to concerns or grievances raised by school community members.

  Complaint Handling Procedures and Guidelines

This document outlines the options and the informal and formal process for raising concerns and managing grievances within our educational communities.

  Procedural Fairness Guidelines

These guidelines outline the process for responding to allegations requiring that issues be put to the respondent before a decision is made about a complaint.

  Alumni collection notice

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  Australian Privacy Principles

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  Employment Collection Notice

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  Privacy Statement

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  Privacy Compliance Manual

The Privacy Manual contains detailed information and examples about implementation of the Australian Privacy Principles. For the most up-to-date version of the Manual always check CEC's website.

  Standard Collection Notice

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  Volunteer and Contractor Collection Notice

Applicable from 12 March 2014

  BOSTES Governance Procedures

The BOSTES Governance Procedures respond to new requirements of the BOSTES Registration Systems and Member Non-government Schools (NSW) Manual.

  Stewardship Policy

This policy sets out the accountabilities for responsible governance and management of CEDP resources

  AntiBullying Procedures

The Anti-Bullying Procedures provide a framework for school communities to work together to prevent and address issues of student bullying.

  Banned Substances Procedure

This Procedure covers the possession and use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or other substances, and the misuse of 'over the counter' and prescribed medications, including the supply of restricted substances on school premises.

  Child Protection Procedures

Replaces former Child Protection Policy

  Suspension Transfer Expulsion and Exclusion Procedures

Revised Sept2013 - includes additional requirement to advise EDS when withdrawing a student during suspension

  Weapons Procedure

The Weapons Procedure aims to prevent prohibited weapons from being present on the school site to minimise risk to staff and students.