Current Staff

Students are supported by a professional, dedicated and committed teaching staff, who constantly seek to encourage students to realise their potential.

If you need to speak with a member of staff below, please contact the school office.

Leadership Team
Principal Mr Paul Devlin
Assistant Principal Mrs Lauren Anderiesz (Acting)

Classroom Teachers
Kindergarten  Miss Archer & Miss Davis
Miss Rydzewski
Miss Fraser

Year One Mrs Hamilton & Miss Davis
Mrs Hilder
Miss Kean

Year Two Mrs Calderwood & Miss Davis
Mrs Thomson
Miss Jones

Year Three  Mrs Bray
Mrs Woodhead & Abdelsayed
Mrs Betros

Year Four  Mrs Thompson
Mrs Moore
Mrs Hartog & Mrs Woodward 

Year Five Mrs Algeri
Mrs Preston & Mrs Meade

Year Six Mr Lanyon
Mrs Blackman
Mrs Bowden & Mrs Bosworth

Executive Staff

Staff Coordinators

Religious Education
Early Stage One
Stage One
Stage Two
Stage Three

Sports Coordinator



Mrs Shahoud
Mrs Anderiesz
Mrs Calderwell
Mrs Ahern
Mrs Bowden
Mrs McGrath


Support Staff

Office Staff Mrs Taylor
Mrs Paton
Mrs Whiteley

Diversity Team Mrs Shahoud
Mrs Micallef
Mrs Pethybridge
Miss Ahern



Support Team

Mrs Ryan
Mrs Attard
Mrs Sammut
Mrs Mazurek
Mrs Monteleone


Health Teacher
Music Teacher
Sport Teacher

Mrs Bosworth
Mrs Micallef
Mrs McGrath

Counsellor Mrs Samy